About Us

CommX Digital Assets is a driven & technically strong Singaporean & Australian based blockchain tokenisation startup, with a team assembled from the biggest and best blockchain decentralised financed projects in the world. Our team members are born of the original De-Fi projects that invented De-Fi and carry on that spirit of innovation... >>CommX is advancing the blockchain economy to the next level by tokenising physical assets for trade on the blockchain, whilst also providing innovative new De-Fi token solutions.

// One of our first missions, is to enable the PART OWNERSHIP OF REAL ASSETS for investors in more AFFORDABLE pieces. Enabled by the use of fungible and NFT tokens issued on chain (Ethereum & Zilliqa blockchains).
>> You can now buy assets in cheaper fractions.

Furthermore, CommX are a team of successful blockchain & startup veterans assembled from Australia, Singapore, Europe and California. >> We are relentless innovators at heart, who enjoy the thrill of creating something new of value to the community. Currently on a mission to enable better asset sales for asset / property owners, & make expensive assets (art & real estate) more affordable for your average Joe & Jane investors.

Our Team

Chris Perry
Managing Director

Relentless blockchain advocate for real world use cases. Co-creator of Quixxi Connect ether wallet payID payments platform. Aus Gov Treasury roundtable policy advisor on DLT & AFR Blockchain supplement writer. One of the first Consensys accredited Blockchain Engineers. Former Data Executive at Equifax.

Sven Meyer
CTO (Technology)

RMIT University blockchain mentor. Has engineered and designed architecture for a supply chain and proof of authenticity system that was featured in the Australian Gov National Blockchain Roadmap. One of the world's first Consensys accredited Blockchain Engineers. A true blockchain advocate.

Jackson Chan
Engineering (Advisor)

Battle tested blockchain engineer and the brains from one of the worlds first & largest De-Fi projects, who arguably invented De-Fi. Background in Financial and commodity trading markets having worked at Macquarie Bank for over 5 years on commodity trading systems.

Victor Chow
Chief Commercial Officer

Victor is serial entrepreneur with 28 years of experience in ICT, crypto startups, VC & investing. He is the CEO of Inspir-Asia tech incubator and is well known in the Singapore tech & business community as the former Chief Operating Officer of Huawei. Also a holder of a Capital Markets Services licence issued by the MAS SG.

Ajay Prakash
Product Architecture

Co-founder at Perlin. Previously Marketing / Product at REN (Formerly Republic Protocol). Forbes Under 30 serial entrepreneur with international marketing / product experience.

Giulianna  Crivello
Ventures Advisor

Giulianna is currently head of Ventures at Draper Startup House. Advising CommX on VC related issues and our ambassador for CommX in Singapore and California!

Connie Ou

Connie is an amazing Designer,  who has studied design in Sydney and has helped multiple leading startups to raise capital and find clients, producing all types of documentation with her minimalistic and thoughtful design that reaches out and captures attention.

Sterling Kwan
Business Development

Sterling has worked at multiple startups across Australia and Singapore, and with his Army experience has the discipline and team spirit to get the job done and find new territory and business partnerships!

Iman Wheeler
Marketing Co-Ordinator

With previous experience at front of house & marketing at Draper Startup House, Iman knows what it takes to reach out to engage with the startup community with impact!

Rhys Kinowski
Business Development Manager

Rhys is our seasoned business development manager and sales specialist, having closed many big sales deals in the finance industry.