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With so many amazing artists in the CMX Artify portfolio, we offer the best value, stylish and talented NFT's by only the best artists. All styles of art welcome to list and collaborate with CMX :).

We list all our NFT's for sale here at

For ART/NFT collectors, You can buy amazing NFT's that we list on ethereum and zilliqa blockchains. We will also send you physical copies of the NFT that you buy!
*Prices are inclusive of postage to your location, anywhere in the world!

Buy a piece of NFT art that could appreciate in value and receive a physical copy too.

>>>>>How good is that!

Links to buy our NFT'S will be posted here each week!

We love working with aspiring artists and telling stories bigger than the blockchain ecosystem, merging real life stories with this amazing tech.
Reach out for a collab! :) Team@commx.io